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Tips for your next listing presentation 


How to Create Superior Listing Presentations to Gain More Clients

Do your listing presentations succeed in gaining you listings and making you a successful agent? If your listing presentation doesn’t show the who, what, where, and when and resolve objections before your potential client brings them up, it could lead to failure more times than not. 


Types of Listing Presentations


There are two ways to present a listing to your prospective client. One way is by listing everything on paper. The other is by preparing a PowerPoint presentation.

Some people prefer the eye-to-eye contact that comes with working off of paper. They don’t care for the way people’s eyes are glued to the screen when they use an iPad or computer during a presentation. Some agents also tend to use PowerPoint as a crutch. Paper is an excellent option if you don’t have or want to use tech.

The other method of presentation is via PowerPoint. Many agents like to use their iPad or laptop to give presentations. We live in a technological world. Once a PowerPoint presentation is created or modified, it’s always available.


What Should Be in the Presentation?


Whether you choose to use paper or PowerPoint for your listing presentation, some vital topics must be included. I will give you a list of these today.

Each listing presentation should include the following main topics:

·        Introduce you or your team’s brokerage company.

·        Tell about your agency or team and yourself as a person.

·        Give the details of your digital marketing plan.

·        Give the details of your traditional marketing plan.

·        Detail the security of being with a real estate agency.

·        Go through the process of selling a house.

·        Include a Frequently Asked Questions section.

·        Add testimonials from past clients.


After the Listing Presentation


Once you’ve reached the end of the listing presentation, you should throw in an extra slide that says, “Let’s Talk #s!” Then, it’s time to do just that! First, present the CMA. Next, show the prospective client the current value of their home. Thirdly, tell them how much their house will sell for. Talk those numbers.

You should also create a list of vendors that will be useful for your potential client. This list can include vendors such as handymen, renovators, junk removal, electricians, and more. You should consist of three options for each category. This will be helpful to your potential client and help you stand out from your competition.


What’s Next?


Over the next few weeks, I will give detailed information on each section and explain how to prepare and present each of the portions mentioned above.

Each member of our team receives more individualized training on these topics and others. To receive information on joining our team, 

please visit us today.


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