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What is a Properly Detailed Marketing Plan: How to Create One 


In order to become successful in real estate, you must follow a marketing plan that focuses on the details. This detailed-oriented strategy helps newcomers to the industry to understand the pitfalls many fall into and how to avoid them. A suitably detailed marketing plan does not have to be intimidating to you. The following steps will share how to create an appropriately detailed marketing plan that works for you and your future clients.

What is a Properly Detailed Marketing Plan?

It starts with providing critical information to clients without them needing to ask you. Key features like what the listing contains, what makes it stand out from other competitors, and how you, as an agent, will compete for your client’s business are details that a future client needs to know. Remember that you cannot provide empty promises; clients have experienced that in the past. You don’t want them to suffer another negative experience that reminds them of the bad service they received from others. So, only make promises that you can keep. These points are all a part of what will make your detailed marketing plan stand out from others’ rushed and over-promising marketing plans. A solid marketing plan is the difference between successful and delayed sales

The Paperless or Traditional Route

Traditionally speaking, real estate marketing revolves around the open house. An open house is an event when interested clients can view a property before deciding to purchase it. Other elements of a traditional approach can include newspaper listings, mail promotions that feature the property, and yard signs. On the other hand, a digital plan focuses on the internet, digital ads, and critical features in searches by potential buyers and targets consumers where they venture most: online.

Let’s break this down even more.

Presenting the Digital Plan

It is no secret that more and more of our lives are lived on the internet. The internet is where people shop, socialize, buy cars,  and even shop for new homes. For this reason, a fool-proof digital plan that ensures a plethora of online viewings is essential. This plan can include everything from online ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and a strong social media presence across multiple platforms. Ideally, this plan will consist of enhanced pictures and videos of the property that catch a consumer’s eye more quickly. Whatever your agency offers digitally, this is the time to show it.

Presenting the Traditional Plan

Because the traditional route has been successful for many years, some clients still want to go in that direction. Be sure to add details that make your approach different, including any security measures you will put into place to keep a client’s property safe, especially when staging the home and when the open house occurs. Be adamant that strangers can’t just enter a property but should schedule a viewing or can only enter during group showings. Remember, clients want their space to be respected and protected, so be sure to share your strategy when it comes to all open houses point by point. Add in details on how your marketing plan includes print marketing, mail promotions, and even newspaper listings.

Above all, your goal is to utilize a marketing plan filled with details. The more information you include, the better. Personalize, perfect, and present it in a way that guarantees a win! By following the above guidelines, you can turn your marketing plan into one that succeeds and makes your clients happy.

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