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The Secret to Introducing Yourself in a Listing Presentation

without making it all about you!


We all know what it’s like to be approached by a salesperson who is a bit too eager to seal their deal. The presentation may have felt recited and awkward. Instead of being inspired to jump into the deal, you were left feeling like you wanted to get about your day and forget about that salesperson who was ego driven and not genuine. Because we all know what that feels like, it is essential to learn the secret of introducing yourself in a listing presentation and sound more genuine. The great news is that you truly only need to remember the following three steps to do just this! 


Introduce Your Team on a Personal Level

One of the biggest mistakes when introducing a potential client to your team is that you present them as only employees, not as people. It would help if you emphasized that a good team will be there to help your client by focusing on the individuals on that team. Teamwork is partly based on the willingness and character of those working together on a single goal. That goal will be meeting any future client’s needs. You should spotlight the people on your team and why they will support your client as individuals.


Introduce Your Agents on a Personal Level

The agents are often the face of any listing presentation. They work directly with clients to make sure the client knows that they are a priority. Humanize your agents. Showcase why they are approachable, share what they may have in common with a client, and encourage trust. Speak about each agent’s qualities: point out who is a good communicator, listens well, and understands family obligations and stress. Let them connect to the person who will be in an intricate part of the services they will need.


Introduce Yourself on a Personal Level

We all have hobbies or causes we care about. Maybe we volunteer, coach a Little League Baseball team, participate in charity events or help out in our communities during our downtime. Or perhaps we have a passion for nature, physical fitness, or sports. Whatever your hobby or passion, share those with your clients. Talk about those you love: your family, friends, or pets. Show them family photos of a trip you just took at a graduation celebration or a birthday party. Open up conversations by highlighting the commonalities you share with your future clients. This will help your client look far beyond the business person you are and see the person you are beneath all of that. Share about why you do what you do, why it matters, and why you enjoy it. These things –hobbies, passions, causes we care about, and what has led us to this point in our lives—contribute to us as individuals. They play a massive role in how we conduct business, work with others, and promote trust, honesty, and integrity with our clients.


Keep in mind these three steps when presenting yourself in a listing presentation. You can be authentic, approachable, and onboard a new client in the process. By introducing your team, agents, and yourself in a personal way, you can ensure just that.

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