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The 6 Secrets to Finishing Strong on a

Listing Presentation



We’re wrapping up sharing all of the inside secrets of making a listing presentation a success! The final 6 secrets are how to finish strong in your listing presentation, guaranteeing your client will choose you for the services they need. Please pay attention to each point, and don’t forget to apply them to your strategy!


1) Send Your Perspective Client a Preliminary Presentation a Few Days Prior

Before you meet, it’s wise to send a preliminary presentation to your client. This won’t include the entirety of your presentation. However, it will allow them to see how serious you are about this job. It will also show your knowledge and expertise.

2) Build The Objections into The Presentation (Some Will Be Unique to You)

As we discussed, knowing what possible objections a future client may have to your services is important. Get ahead of those. Bring those topics up in your presentation. For example, if you are younger than most professionals in the industry, share the advantages that your youth brings. You can discuss your passion, how much you have accomplished, and your knowledge. Focus on what matters: your ability to get the job done and done well!

3) Include Testimonials

Testimonials are a huge part of creating a listing presentation that will succeed. If you do not have any to use, now is the time to get them. Reach out to former clients, reconnect, and get them to be a part of your testimonials. Many people will be more than happy to oblige!

4) Move Away From The PowerPoint To Do The CMA

Move away from the presentation as soon as you cover the points. If you were using a computer, now is the time to close it. Start talking numbers, the cost of the process, net worth, and so forth.

5) Pull Out The Comparables

Show your client where the market compares. Talk about their net worth and what their house was worth last year compared to now. Explain the industry and what needs to be done to improve the overall sale of their home. If this includes comparing with renovations versus without, then show them.

6) Give The Perspective Client a Vendor List (Explain)

Knowing good vendors for your client to work with will be a huge bonus for your client. It can be overwhelming to know where to start, let alone who to turn to when it comes to remodeling, plumbing, and more. Have a list of trusted businesses you have worked with and pass those on!

All of these points are imperative in working with a client. Ending strong on a presentation can be the difference between gaining or losing a client. Keep up the momentum, and go for it. You can become successful in this industry.

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