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The Security of Real Estate Transactions

How to Convey the Security of Real Estate Transactions to Clients


One of the final steps in signing a new client is convincing them that you and your team handle their property and all your real estate transactions safely and securely. You don’t cut corners or take shortcuts that risk the safety of their information or property. Potential clients want to know your agents and their teams absolutely value them as a client, viewing them not only as a customer but also respecting their wishes. There are five crucial points to convey to your customer the security of real estate transactions with you. Don’t know them off the top of your head? No worries! I have you covered!

Time-stamped Showings

No client wants strangers prowling around their home. Your role as an agent includes guarding your client’s property when potential buyers explore it. Time-stamped showings will give them the added security of knowing who is viewing their home and when it is viewed. 

Lockbox for Easy, Secure Showings

The lockbox option for showings is the safest and most time-saving route in the industry. This measure ensures that secure access to the client’s home is a top priority. It also includes the added benefit of allowing more potential buyers to see the property quickly. 

Automated Showing Instructions for Unique Instructions

The goal of sharing this step with your client is to convey how teamwork is essential to the security of their property. If there is an issue with the property, say a contractor is still putting finishing touches on the primary bathroom, this allows the agent to have a heads-up. Whatever the case may be, automated instructions prevent miscommunications. 

Open House Registration Forms

An open house should not invite strangers to wander through a client’s personal property without a purpose. All potential buyers must fill out a form containing their names and contact information. Then they can explore the home as a group with an agent. This practice gives your client peace of mind because they know who is in their home. It has the added benefit of giving you their contact information to follow up with them after the open house.

Industry-standard Paperwork on All Forms

Some agents will cut corners and not offer this, but if you care about your client and the transaction's success, you will only use up-to-date industry practices and paperwork. Using the appropriate paperwork is imperative to secure a transaction. Be sure to share with your potential client how you do not cut corners and always put them first!

Each of these five steps is key in conveying the security of their property and information with your client. In real estate, it is imperative that you value your client's security, safety, and peace of mind. By highlighting this benefit of a client choosing your services, you underscore your commitment to ensuring their success. That commitment will pay off when conveyed to the client correctly. 

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