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Introducing your Brokerage in a listing presentation


5 Steps to Introducing Your Brokerage in a Listing Presentation



The world of real estate is a competitive one, and if you are in it, you know why that is. The benefits of conducting business in such a competitively rich world are also about the gains you receive by competing in it in the first place. Introducing your brokerage in a listing presentation is going to be an imperative part of gaining new clients. You must anticipate what questions may come to mind to potential clients about your brokerage. This may seem like a daunting task, but that is why we are here to provide you with a step-by-step guide to do so. This is why we have created an answer sheet that addresses each one. This can all be done with 5 easy steps.


1. What Makes Your Brokerage Different?

First, when presenting yourself to new clients, you need to immediately start with what sets you apart from other competitors. Is your pricing the selling point? Is it your availability? Do you offer any special services? Zone in on those things and highlight them. A good listing presentation will include detailed answers to what makes your brokerage different and provide the why behind why a new customer should choose your services. Remember to be precise that your abilities outperform other businesses aiming for your potential customers.


2. Provide Statistics

Statistics are a key component in good business. These statistics should be up-to-date and include any flattering facts about your brokerage. If you are the number one brokerage serving the citizens in your locality, you need to include that. Always cite the source as proof. Be sure to include these statistics when sharing the number of listings sold in your most successful year as well. This will entice potential buyers to see that your capabilities are gained from experience versus that of your competitors, and hence, successful.


3. Share About Your Staff

Providing details on who works for you, especially the number of agents is always going to stand out to potential clients. Any client would want to know that there are hardworking individuals behind the scenes to bring any project to fruition. By including the number of agents, managers, and other staff roles available to assist a client, they can be sure that they can rely on a brokerage that can easily take their needs and wants into consideration and respond accordingly. This will help highlight additional benefits that will serve potential clients well such as having a marketing department and a 24/7 answering service. You should expound on why these benefits are so important to your potential client, giving a summary of each department.


4. Explain the Contract

When aiming to achieve gaining a new client, you need to explain one of the biggest aspects of your process: the contract. You should provide explanations between paperless and traditional options and what that will look like for them as a client. For example, explain the benefits of paperless contracts such as convenience, time saving, and how they can have access to it more quickly. Be ready, however, to offer them traditional if you sense that they would be more comfortable.


5. Share Why You Are Not a Fly-by-night Brokerage

Honesty and trustworthiness sell. Those core values are so important for any brokerage. So often, customers have experienced the complete opposite while seeking services. Clients are going to often present as hesitant, cautious, and armed with questions. You should anticipate these emotions and questions. Prepare to put the client at ease and do so by providing why you are not a fly-by-night brokerage. You can do this by explaining the process, how a client can reach out 24/7, and reassure them that any question is always welcomed. Also, provide details about what you are doing in the community, how you are dedicated to the locality you serve, and the good things your brokerage does for others. This can allow them to feel confident in their choice in you as their brokerage!


These are 5 steps that you can incorporate into your selling strategy when introducing your brokerage. By following these steps you can gain clients more easily and become more confident in the process. Stay tuned for more helpful content that is catered just for you!


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